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Baby Feeding Schedule

Baby Feeding Schedule 

0-4 months

Nothing but breastmilk or formula. Expect many feedings, especially if baby isn’t sleeping for long. Your baby is growing fast right now!

4-6 months

Can the baby start handling solids? If so, it’s time to start with Amara purees!

Signs that baby wants more than milk:

  • Doubled birth weight or is at least 13 pounds
  • Can close mouth around a spoon
  • Is swishing milk around in their mouth
  • Can sit upright

You can also serve runny cereals, small amounts of yogurt, and pureed meats. Breastmilk and formula are still okay too!

6-8 months

Same as above, plus:

  • Pureed legumes
  • Strained fruits and vegetables
  • Tofu

8-10 months

Time to check for finger foods! Does baby do this?

  • Pinch things with their fingers
  • Put everything into their mouth
  • Make chewing motions
  • Can move things from one hand to another

Then it’s time to add these:

  • Soft cheeses (cottage cheese)
  • Mashed fruits and vegetables
  • Baby finger foods
  • Small bits of meat
  • Well-cooked legumes
  • Plus everything else from earlier, even breast milk!

10-12 months

Almost ready for solid food all the time! Does baby do these?

  • Swallow food easily
  • No longer pushes food out of their mouth
  • Growing teeth
  • Wants to use a spoon

Then you can add

  • Cut soft fruits
  • Combination foods (mac and cheese)
  • Bite-sized cooked soft vegetables

How much to feed?

Every baby is different! Some eat more, some eat less. As baby eats more solid food, their desire for breastmilk and formula will naturally go down. Use Amara purees to keep nutrition levels high after they are four months old as they start to drink less.

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