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Amara Organic Baby Food - Kale Potato Mash


Yumm! Let's get those superfoods in your little one's tummy. This is organic baby food is one of our most popular flavours, filled with organic potato, organic kale, organic bananas and a tad bit of organic onion; our Kale Potato mash is great for lunch, dinner or a light snack. 

The best part.... *drumroll please*... our drying technique gently dries the food via pressure instead of high heat that the pouches and jars have to use. This way we can lock in those original nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and veggies, it's a difference you can really taste! 


Organic Mashed potatoes, organic kale, organic banana, organic onion powder 

Box of 7 pouches - rehydrates to 3.5 oz with breastmilk, formula or water. A great savory meal for your little one and easy to prepare!


See what Amara Moms are saying about Amara here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Great food! Healthly, safe, and tastes great!

I am a busy mom of 5 and with my baby I have struggled to find food she will eat! She would spit everything out until I found Amara! She loves it!! Wish I would have known about this sooner! Tastes great and baby loves it! I just add water and we are ready to eat! Thanks to the weeSpring Parent Panel for providing me with this baby food!

Healthy baby food

My baby loves the food. I really love the mango and banana.

Good healthy baby food

I've recently had a baby boy and wanted to take the healthy/natural approach. A friend recommended Amara and i couldn't be happier.
Was super easy to mix with liquid, which my wife found useful as she is always on the go.
Much more nutrients packed into this thing compared to Gerber/Nestle.
Wanting the natural route, this was perfect as it has simple ingredients, no added sugars, salt or preservatives.

With the weekly checkups by the doctor, even the doctor has commented how healthy the baby is compared to his other patients.
Very happy with this product and the customer service i've received. Highly recommend for all babies!

great idea for baby

This is such a great idea, especially when you want to feed your child on the go. My son will be five months in three days so I thought this would be great to try for him. The baby pouches contain just enough food for one sitting. My son has the 4 months plus pouches and the ages do differ so that was nice to introduce him to this and he likes them so we will definitely have these packets for snacking, The box says 6 tablespoons of liquid but I used 7 1/2 because 6 wasn't enough. My son enjoyed the taste of it and he was asking for me so I say this is great and tasteful for babies. It's organic, Non GMO and Gluten Free. My son has a sensitivity to what he eats so it's nice to seem him enjoy and not have a reaction to this food.

Love this brand!

I love that this baby food pouch doesn't have fruit in it, all the other baby food pouches taste like apple sauce and are very runny. This has texture and feels healthier than a plastic pouch. I bought it for my wife and newborn after seeing it in Whole Foods,cool concept.

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