Amara Organic Baby Food
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Amara Moms

 "Amara has a long storage life and is lightweight and easy to carry around right inside of your purse or diaper bag. This baby food is absolutely amazing, we have found our new line of baby food. If you looking for something your baby will love and is so healthy for them then look no further, my little man loves this and so will yours!"
"What sets Amara apart from others is that their foods are packed with nutrition. Traditional baby food found in jars and pouches are generally cooked, and processed. Amaras dried baby food is different. Their unique dehydration technique doesnt use high heat. It's a difference you can smell and taste." 
- Nicky, Oklahoma Mom 
"Honestly, this baby food has the best flavor of any baby foods I've tried so far... and this is my 4th child, so I know baby food! I absolutely LOVE that this is not only organic, but certified Non GMO. I feel that I am giving my baby the best possible start for her ever developing system. Babies' digestive tracks are so sensitive and knowing I'm providing her wholesome food that doesn't contain harmful ingredients that can affect her later in life just helps me sleep better at night."
- Cristie
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Data April 2015