Amara Organic Baby Food
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Variety Pack: Textured Blends

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Let's get to a baby food you can make, in a time frame you can manage. 

Baby food jars and pouches are highly processed, sacrificing those essential original nutrients and vitamins. 

At Amara we use the best technology to keep those nutrients and vitamins intact just like mom would at home. Our technique locks in those original nutrients and vitamins in the fruits and veggies unlike any other jar or pouch - It's a difference you can taste.



We know, we know. We hear it all the time. Your little one just doesn't want pureed mash anymore. It's all about the texture. Sound familiar? Then this variety pack is for you. Featuring:

  • Potato Kale Mash box with 7 pouches: Imagine mashed potatoes with kale and a touch of sweet banana so your little one won’t even realize they are eating vegetables. Full box here
  • Oats n Berries box with 5 pouches: The perfect breakfast. Instant oat cereal that doesn’t need cooking time. All you do is mix in water or milk and you have the best breakfast, in an instant. Great for kids, babies and you, yes you. Full box here
  • Apple Maqui Berry box with 5 pouches: Apple sauce with a kick of maqui berry antioxidant. It’s magic. Watch it turn a bright berry color and we promise you’ll be wooed. Great in the lunchbox or in the park. Full box here

The best part.... *drumroll please*... our drying technique gently dries the food via pressure instead of high heat that the pouches and jars have to use. This way we can lock in those original nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and veggies, it's a difference you can really taste!