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Amara Organic Baby Food - Apple Sauce with Maqui Berry


Rich in Vitamin C, a combination of sweet apples with the addition of a powerful antioxidant and superfood, Maqui Berry. Perfect for daycare, the apple maqui berry is easy to mix with liquid to instantly transform into Apple sauce, but with an antioxidant kick!

The best part.... *drumroll please*... our drying technique gently dries the food via pressure instead of high heat that the pouches and jars have to use. This way we can lock in those original nutrients and vitamins from the fruits and veggies, it's a difference you can really taste! 


Organic Apple, organic maqui berry

Box of 5 pouches - each pouch rehydrates to 4.5 oz with breastmilk, formula or water. Filled with maqui superfood, an apple maqui a day keeps the doctor away!


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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
great snack for all ages!

we found out about Amara on Facebook and now use it as a snack for my toddler. our favorite is the apple sauce because the texture is really great. sometimes we mix it with yogurt or granola.

Really cool concept!

Really cool concept, I was doubtful at first but after trying a lot of the store bought baby food pouches I was pretty desperate to find something that wasn't so processed. I make homemade baby food but use the Amara baby food pouches when I don;t have time or in an emergency (aka... all the time). You can tell it's really high quality baby food because the texture is just like when I make baby food at home. Thanks Amara!

Yummy baby food

My 10 month old son LOVES the Amara Maqui Berry pouches. I always taste new food that I give to him, and I was pleasantly surprised how delicious it was. Most canned/jarred baby food tastes really sugary to me and it all kind of has the same texture. I found Amara baby food flavors to be very fresh and delicious. I am concerned about what my son eats and when he was little I tried to make all the homemade baby food but after a few times it just got to be too much. He's never had the baby food pouches because they are overly processed so Amara is the only thing I trust to feed him if I don't make it myself. I feel confident in the company and they have a PHD in nutrition behind every recipe. Very cool concept and my baby loves it.

Love this baby food

We saw it in Whole Foods and then realized that they had more flavors. We just tried the maqui berry flavor and my baby loves it - we use it every day as his post afternoon snack.

Really fresh taste and it's healthy!

Really fresh taste, plus my toddler likes the fact the berries turn it purple.

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